Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls - the best choice for Economy?

by Ken Buckley on 16-3-2017

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There is a lot of muddied water when you start looking into the economies of toilet paper. Some would like you to believe that their paper system gives the best "Cost in use" because of something or other.

The fact is, all things considered, give or take, it is metre for metre of paper than counts, as long as the thickness is the same. In other words you can't compare a 3 ply with a 2 ply paper. 

However most commercial toilet paper systems are 2ply and a very similar thickness. 

So, cut the crud, what is the cheapest way of buying toilet paper?

Well that depends....



One of the biggest considerations in all this is the dispensers. 

Do you need new dispensers and if so how many do you need? The reason I ask is because if you need a lot of dispensers, you might be worth looking a system paper from a manufacturer that gives the dispensers out Free-On-Loan.


Say you need 100 x new dispensers, this is going to cost you dear, if you can get these FOL and maybe even fitted free, this is obviously going to be a major factor in your decisions. 

However, remember -  some one pays for these dispensers and guess what?

Its you. 

Yes that's right, in the captive paper that you sign up to buy for three years, there is built in, a fraction of the cost of the dispensers, in every pack of paper you buy.

So the longer you have that system the more you "pay" for the free dispensers. 



Okay, so let's leave the dispensers for a minute and look at the paper. If we didn't have to worry about the dispensers, which paper would be the most economical to use?

Well, this is quite easy to answer, it is just a question of working out how each system compares metre for metre. Check it out yourself with our free toilet paper cost calculator. 

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Lets look at some examples;

Mini Jumbos - Case of 12 rolls of 200 metre for £10.95 = £4.56 per 1000 metres

System XX Toilet paper - Case of 37 rolls of 92 metre for £29 = £8.52 per 1000 metres

Normal Toilet rolls - Case of 36 rolls of 24 metre for £5.50 = £6.37 per 1000 metres

Okay, "System XX Toilet Paper" is made up, so as not to upset any of the big paper companies, however it is based on typical costs for a captive system where the dispensers are available FOL. 


Dispensers & Paper

Right, lets bring it back together. 

So if mini jumbo toilet rolls are £3 maybe £4 cheaper per 1000 metres compared to a system toilet paper, would this saving fund a purchase of your own dispensers?

As mentioned already this depends on how many dispensers you need and how many 1000's of metres toilet paper you use each year.

Lets look at a couple of scenario's;

Scenario 1 - You have x 53 dispensers and you use 80 packs of System XX Toilet rolls. That means you use 272,000 metres of toilet paper per year (Scary, eh?). You get the dispensers free and the paper costs you £2320 per year.

If you used Mini Jumbos instead, you would use x 113 packs, costing you £1237.35. Saving you £1082.65 per year, this would pay for just over x 100 dispensers. 

Worth it?

Scenario 2 - You have x 80 dispensers and you use 50 packs of System XX Toilet rolls. That means you use 170,000 metres of toilet paper per year. You get the dispensers free and the paper costs you £1450 per year.

If you used Mini Jumbos instead, you would use x 71 packs, costing you £777.45  Saving you £672.55 per year, this would pay for about 64 dispensers.

Still worth it? Maybe, it would just take you until year two before you saved any money. However you would carry on saving year after year, after that. 



So what is the conclusion? 

I would say the conclusion is you need to do the sums. Don't fall for the free dispenser business without comparing the alternative (buying your own dispensers).

And if you want help doing the sums email me with the figures;

How many dispensers you would need, how much paper you use each year and the price and type of paper and I will do the sums for you with all the workings. My email address is

Mini Jumbo Toilet rolls are a very cost effective way of buying paper. 

Are you warming to the idea of Mini Jumbos? Then the best dispensers are the ones with either twin rolls or a stub roll facility. Check out out catalogue on page 15, see download below.

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