Mop Heads Cleaning - 3 Quick Tips

by Mike Besley on 26-10-2016

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Mop Heads left unwashed will stink, and will be unhygienic. 

Here's 3 quick tips on mop heads cleaning to making sure you keep them cleaning, not spreading germs.

Tip #1 - Rinse & Repeat


If you leave your mop to dry without rinsing out the dirty mop water, you are allowing potentially millions of bacteria to breed inside your mop and spread all over your floor the next time you need to mop. Rinsing it out under hot running water after each use will ensure most the bacteria go down the drain. Then fill your mop bucket with clean water for a second rinse in its own bucket, which allows you to then squeeze out every last drop with the bucket wringer. If you are not going to machine wash your mop head after the rinse, soak it in a solution of water and a little bleach solution for 15 minutes, rinsing it clear afterwards.


Tip #2: Choose Machine Washable


With so many mop heads machine washable these days, make sure you check for this on the packaging of your new mop. Some mop heads are machine washable up to 60 degrees centigrade, so keeping your mop heads clean is quick and easy. Use a short, gentle wash if you are in doubt about the settings on your machine.


Tip #3: Dry


If your mop doesn’t dry thoroughly the time spent washing it will be in vain, as mould and mildew will easily grow in a damp mop head. Whether it has been washed in a bucket or in a washing machine, leave the mop head to completely dry upside down in a well ventilated space. Drying your mop head outside on a washing line in the sunshine will further inhibit any mildew growth as it dries.

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