The most versatile Floor Cleaning Machine ever?

by Ken Buckley on 05-1-2018

Multiwash Battery

I have always been a fan of the Multiwash. It's such a great little machine; simple, easy to use, works very well on safety flooring. 

Now, with the lithium ion battery version, it is even more versatile. 

The machine is based on the tried and tested  340 Mulitwash Pump machine. It is powered by large 24 volt lithium ion battery, fitted across the bottom of the handle. 

This, of course, opens up a whole load of applications for the Multiwash; Hospitals, day time cleaning, pool side areas, etc. 

The Spec

Battery Voltage  24 volt
Run Time  50mins per battery 
Cleaning width 34cm
Brush speed 400 rpm
Productivity  930 square metres per hour
Solution capacity  4 litres
Sound  66 dB(A) 
Dimensions (LxWxH)  37.8 x 44 x 111.4 cm 
Weight 22 kg
Warranty 1 year


 Advantages of Lithium Ion batteries. 

Lithium batteries are much lighter and can be 100% discharged. They can also be "opportunity charged" without damaging them, in other words, you can put the battery on charge and take it off charge before it is fully charged and then carry on using the machine. This is one of the biggest draw backs of lead-acid batteries. 

So, if you have had problems with battery cleaning machines in the past, with the batteries failing due to the way your staff have charged them, this type of battery could be the answer to your problems. 


Advantages of "Cordless" Operation

The productivity of a battery powered machine is way higher compared to the same size mains powered machine. It saves loads of time not having to keep moving a cable. 

There is also the the safety consideration; no power lead for passers by to trip over and also no mains voltage on the machine, making it safe for use pool side. 


Where can it be used?

This floor cleaning machine can be used on any hard floor and works really well on non-slip or safety flooring. It also can be used to clean short pile carpets, entrance matting and escalators. 

The two counter-rotating brushes are so effective that, generally for hard floors we recommend just using plain water. 

A really good machine for schools, universities, hospitals, health centres. Also it is perfect for a mobile contract cleaner. 

Accessories to buy

The only accessory we would recommend is the trolley.


It is quite a heavy machine and if you need to move in around a building or between buildings, it is worth having this trolley. It will save you time and effort. 






The price 

When this machine first came out, it was quite expensive at around £2500. The price has come down a lot now, with the cost not much more than a mains powered machine. 

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