Neat Solutions for High Level Dusting

by Matt Besley on 17-4-2019

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Make high ledges and surfaces easy to clean with these great high level dusting kits.  With microfibre or even vacuum solutions, there should be something for every requirement!

Microfibre Dusting

Microfibre High Level Dusting Kit

Extending DusterA bestselling kit with a flexible microfibre sleeve duster that can be bent to shape, this comes with a long handle which extends from 1.8-5.4m!  Ideal for awkward areas this is really good value for money.

The duster head itself can be pulled off and can be laundered.  The duster holding sleeve can be used on its own by hand, or with the shorter 1.15-1.86m pole that is included in the kit, which is perfect for the lower areas you clean on a daily basis, or for cleaning inside standard height offices/classrooms etc.

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 Vacuum Kits

High Level Vacuuming-1

Both of the below options work with most types of 38mm hose vacuums, generally its easier to use a Numatic machine.  Almost every Numatic vacuum will fit these kits - all you need is to buy a 38mm hose (show me online) and screw on the adapter which comes as standard with the kit.  If you have a Henry or small Numatic tub vacuum then these will give ample suction power for most applications.

 14ft / 4.2m reach Vacuum Kit


This kit comes with 2 straight extension poles, one extension pole with a curved end, a curved tube and a dusting brush which has a flexible neck.

This is a great kit for cleaning high ledges and cills in halls and stairwells etc.  The poles simply push fit into each other and are made from lightweight aluminium.

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21ft / 6.4m reach Vacuum Kit

21ft kit


This is the ultimate vacuum kit which has the benefit of poles that interlock together.  It has multiple brushes and angled poles for almost every application including vacuuming ledges, walls, vents, pipework - the lists are endless.

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