New CLP Symbols Explained

by Matt Besley on 04-11-2016


The change from the old CHIP symbols to the new CLP symbols have been around for a while now. 

The CLP hazard pictograms are very similar to those used in the old labelling system and appear in the shape of a diamond with a distinctive red border and white background.

Here's a brief overview of what's changed.

Here's a brief overview of the symbol changes from the old CHIP symbols to the new CLP symbols.


Exlamation Mark Comparsion.jpg

One of the main changes is that the old cross symbol for harmful/irritant has gone.  This has been replaced with the new exclamation mark

The other main symbols have remained similar:


Corrosive Comparison.jpg


Flammable Comparsion.jpg

The distinction between highly flammable and flammable has been removed just to one symbol.

 Acute Toxicity

Toxic Comparison.jpg

Hazadous to the Environment

Environment Comparison.jpg


Explosive Comparison.jpg

And there are a couple of new CLP Symbols:

Serious Health Hazard


Gas Under Pressure





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