Nilfisk SC351 Scrubber Drier In-Depth Review

by Matt Besley on 06-3-2019

SC351 1The Nilfisk SC351 is a great small scrubber drier machine perfect for cleaning medium sized spaces.  It comes fully equipped out of the box with everything you need to get going apart from chemical and floor pads.  The standout feature on this machine is an incredibly effective rotating squeegee bar which leaves the floor dry regardless of the direction of travel; forwards or backwards, in fact it’s so effective you leave virtually no streak marks on the floor after cleaning.

The Machine Specs

Voltage 12V (Single Battery)
Run Time 1.15 Hour
Brush Speed  140rpm
Brush Pressure 27kg
Brush Width 370mm Brush / 355mm Drive Board 
Squeegee Width 470mm
Solution Tank Capacity 11L
Recovery Tank Capacity 11L
Dimensions 730(L)x475(W)x450(D)mm
Warantee 12 Months


What’s included?

  • The machine
  • On-board battery charger
  • Battery
  • Brush
  • Drive Board (for nylon floor pads)

Quality of Machine Build

The machine is well thought through an

Ease of Use

To get the machine ready it’s really simple, just lift the top cover off (there are no fiddly catches, it simply lifts off), lift out the solution tank, take to the sink and fill it up.  Attach the brush or drive board and place on the floor, and rest the machine on top - actiave the brush and it clicks on.


There is a rotary dial  which controls all the settings on the machine, which is a great idea; it saves getting confused on which button should be used.  Indeed most of the time the machine will be switched onto the mode circled in green which turns on brush, solution and squeegee.  There are 2 other modes - one with just water and brush, the other with just brush and vacuum.  In my opinion the symbols could be a bit clearer perhaps so you didn’t have to think about which setting refers to use for deep cleaning etc.20190305_140819

It is possible to transport this in the back of a car or van if needed, although you  probably wouldn't want to do this every day.  The back cover flaps down and you can unstrap and unplug the battery to be a more liftable weight (batteries are the biggest componant for any scrubber drier) and the handle can be folded down too.


Effectiveness of Clean

The brush weight is a market leading 27kg which gives an effective clean.  Having the option of both a drive board for floor pads (good for smooth vinyl and safety floors) and brush (sometimes better on uneven surfaces) means it leaves the machine flexible if you are cleaning a couple of different floor surfaces with it.


There are quite a few machines with a squeegee that rotates with the brush, but this is definitely the most effective that I have used.  If you tilt the machine backwards slightly the squeegee spins around to the front meaning that you can clean backwards up against walls, and under benches etc.

The rotating squeegee does bring a drawback however as you cant lift the squeegee up and layer the chemical onto the floor using a double scrub that effectively – with most scrubbers you can lift the squeegee bar up, scrub the chemical onto the floor, then collect using a second pass.  You can turn the squeegee, but it is still touching the floor so will drag the solution around with it.

Ease of Clean Down After Use


The machine tanks lift off the top and can be rinsed out under the top.  The ‘mouth’ on each tank is a good size for getting a brush in and giving it a bit of a brush out to keep it clean and looking good.


The squeegee bar simply pulls off and can be rinsed out under the tap – the hose that fits onto this is large and is easy to push over, something that other machines sometimes overlook.

Storage and Battery Charging


The handle folds down so it's compact for storage which is great for where storage is tight in the cleaning cupboard.


The machine will need an overnight charge.  The charger is on-board and the charging cable is fixed to the back of the machine with a metal bracket to wrap around which is a really good feature; it saves losing the charger or searching for it after you have used it - simply unwrap the cable and plug in.

Accessories and Equipment

The machine comes as standard in a kit format which includes everything you need for most applications including a blue stiff scrubbing brush, a drive board and battery/charger.

Both the drive board and brush have the Nilfisk triangular fitting.  This fitting does mean it can fall off the bottom of the machine when you are pushing the machine around on the back wheels.

Optional accessories include a number of brushes including stiff tynex brushes for heavy duty environments.


This machine does come highly recommended - a well-thought through machine which is well-built and ideal for smaller floor spaces.  Easy to set up, use and importantly clean down after use.

Ask for a demonstration on-site today! View the Nilfisk SC351?

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