Non-Slip Flooring Using Cleaning Chemicals at the Correct Dilution

by Matt Besley on 20-10-2016

Windmill Easy Dose Ultimate - Low Foam Floor Clean Concentrate 1L

Myth:  Making your cleaning chemicals stronger, will make it more effective.


It will make them less effective - the residue it leaves on the floor after use, means the dirt situation is compounded and the floor can be left more slippery.

When you are cleaning non-slip flooring, using the chemical stronger, or even neat can seem very tempting. 

The best products to use are alkaline hard surface cleaner type chemicals for washrooms and general areas and alkaline degreasers for kitchens and food prep areas.


How to Get the Dilution Correct


The correct dilution is very important - that is the general cleaning dilution which is a fairly weak solution.


For achieving the correct dilution you need  to use dosing pumps for 5 Litre containers and preferably with a dosing chart (as shown above) for the cleaners on the wall, showing clearly the number of pumps per 5L or 10L of water.


Alternatively you could us other forms of dilution control including the popular containers with concentrated chemicals with built-in dosing chambers (Easy Dose). Even using the Easy Dose system it is essential to have clear charts indicating how many doses to use in 5 and 10 litre buckets.  (Read the Complete Review of the Easy Dose System Here)


What to Do If There is Chemical Residue


If you suspect this is what has been happening, clean the floor for a couple of days just with plain water. If you want to prove that this is the case, just put some plain water on the floor and scrub it with a nail brush, if the water lathers up, you know there is chemical residue on the floor.

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