Non-Slip Flooring Using Cleaning Chemicals Contact Time and Agitation.

by Matt Besley on 20-10-2016


Non-Slip Flooring is difficult to clean, but using cleaning chemicals at a higher concentration is not the answer - it will only make things worse!

What does make things better is increasing the time and agitation that you use to really give the floor a deep clean.  Here's how:Applying a solution and leaving for a few minutes gives the solution a chance to dissolve dirt. Agitating the solution with a stiff brush or pad gives it a chance to emulsify dirt, that is to allow it to mix with the solution.


This simple technique greatly enhances cleaning of safety flooring and is a good alternative to using stronger and stronger chemicals. This is even effective with conventional mopping systems as the dirt in the “troughs” of the surface has a chance to dissolve and rise to the surface (Tip - Use a double bucket for the best results)

This method is ideal for periodic deep cleaning, but it is time-consuming and may not be a practical daily cleaning operation.

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