Non-Slip Flooring Using the Correct Cleaning Chemicals

by Matt Besley on 20-10-2016

Windmill Captain Pine - Hard Surface Cleaner 5L

The best cleaning chemicals to use on non-slip floors are alkaline hard surface cleaners in washrooms and general areas, and alkaline degreaser for kitchens and food prep areas.

Here's what we recommend, and what you need to stop using now:

Using the correct type of chemical is half the battle with non-slip flooring.  And that doesn't mean shelling out for the manufacturer's own chemicals.



What to Stop Using NOW!


Stop using Lemon Gel, or Floor maintainers because these contain a polymer (like floor polish).  They will leave a residue which will give the floor a smeary finish and make it more slippery.


 The Cleaning Chemicals we Recommend for Non-Slip Flooring

Using the product at the correct dilution is equally important as using the correct product - read our blog post here.


General Areas and Washrooms


  1. Windmill Captain
    Available in both 5L and Easy dose format, Captain is an excellent alkaline floor cleaner for daily mopping.  A great maintenance cleaner.
  2. Windmill Easy Dose Ultimate
    A very effective cleaner for daily cleaning - you can use this in your mop bucket and also your scrubber dryer (it is low foaming)
  3. Windmill Wrestler
    Wrestler by name and nature - this will give your floor a really deep clean - we recommend only using this for periodic cleaning as it will really cut through the build up of dirt on the floor.


In Your Scrubber Dryer


  1. Windmill SD Heavy
    A low foaming heavy duty cleaner to put through your scrubber dryer for a deep cleaning result
  2. Windmill Easy Dose Ultimate
    A very effective cleaner for daily cleaning that is low foaming


In Your Kitchen


  1. Windmill Hygiene Plus Degreaser
    In the Kitchen you need a degreaser to cut through the grease build-up, and this is a great solution for use in a mop bucket.

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