Numatic RSB140 Vs. Pacvac 700 Battery Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Review

by Matt Besley on 29-7-2019

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The Numatic RSB140 has been around for a few years now and it's one we thought was unrivaled in the market.  And indeed it was, but is the new Pacvac Superpro Battery 700 machine going to challenge the top dog status?  Here's the details...


Backpacks RoadtestBatteries are pretty much powering everything these days, and the tech is advancing quickly.  Battery vacuums are handicapped by less suction, somewhat restrictive run times and in short the technlogy hasnt been moving along that quickly.  Of course, you can get Dyson stick battery vacuums which are fine for your house, but certainly will not last very long in a commercial setting.

Why Use Battery Backpacks?

Battery backpacks are without question the fastest type of vacuuming; in fact Pacvac claim that they are 4 times faster than a tub vacuum.  Whilst this may be stretching things a bit, (and of course it does depend on the application) there is no question that this is very fast.  These machines are great for cleaning offices, stairs and between rows of seats like auditoriums or halls with fold-out chairs.

Battery backpacks are great for schools and even factory clean downs in and around machines.  Team them up with a high level vacuum kit for a really portable solution to clean high levels with ease.

The Spec Differences

  Numatic RSB140 Pacvac Superpro 700 Battery
Weight 8.67kg 5.7kg
Capacity 6L 5L
Motor Power (Wattage) 250W 400W
Filteration 4 Stage Standard 4 Stage HEPA Filteration
Airflow  20 Litres per second 33 Litres per second
Sound Level 65 db 67 db
Hose Length 1.5m 1.5m
Waranty 2 Year/6 Months on Battery 2 Years/1 Year on Battery and Charger
Batteries Supplied 1 or 2 Battery Options 2 Battery Sets as Standard (4 in total - 2 Batteries Required at a time)
Battery Run Time 30 Minutes 45 Minutes
Battery Charge Time 3.5 Hours 1.5 Hours


The standout features are that the Pacvac is lighter, and more powerful than the Numatic.  Whilst the difference doesnt look huge on the airflow, the larger 400W motor does make a massive difference in the suction in real terms and turns it into a proper rival for mains-powered vacuums.

The Battery Tech


The Numatic uses a single 36V battery that's quite a chunky bit of kit and only requires one a time.  It gives a respectable 30 minute run time and a 3.5 hour charge time.  Don't be put off, you can still do quite a bit of cleaning with a battery backpack in half an hour.

The Pacvac however uses 2 drill style 6Ah batteries which give 45 minute run time per pair (it takes 2 batteries at a time).  

Both machiens use lithium-ion batteries which means you can opportune charge (charge them before they have gone dead without reducing the run-time long-term).

The Numatic comes in a 1 or 2 battery kit, and the Pacvac comes with 4 batteries (2 sets) as standard,  You get a better waranty with the Pacvac on the batteries too.

The Tools


The Numatic machine comes with the classic Numatic combination floor tool and aluminium tools.  There's nothing wrong with them, but the Pacvac does have the edge with the quality Wessel werk lower profile floor tool.  The wheels got a bit squeeley after a bit of use, but it makes it easy to use with the wheel at the back and the lower profile seems to work great on short pile carpets.



The Numatic has just redesigned the harness assembly, and to be fair it does seem more comfortable, but there is a bit of a strap between the harness straps in the middle of the back which sticks out and is a bit uncomfortable there, but other than that it's well designed.  The Pacvac is perhaps a bit more basic, but being a lighter and more compact msvhine, it doesn't feel quite as cumbersome.

The key to comfort with any backpack is having it adjusted properly, and to make sure that the waist strap is adjusted to hold the weight on the waist, then adjust the straps so they are comfortable.


Maintenance & Care

Any vacuum needs some daily maintenace.  Numatic's reliablity is generally very very good, and we have had very few issues with the many RSB140 machines that we have sold in the past.   

The bag assembly on the Numatic seems much better to me , as it keeps everything contained and uses standard Henry Bags, whereas the Pacvac has an open-topped bag.  Both systems work fine and actually the Pacvac has HEPA filteration. 

Every time you charge and run down the battery it will use up another life, so batteries will be a replaceable item on either machine.

Either machine should be low maintenace as long as they are looked after.  The key advantage with both is that you've got no mains cable to get caught in the doors.


Value for Money

There's not much difference in price between the 2 battery Numatic kit and the Pacvac - the Pacvac is a bit more expensive at £699+VAT.

The Verdict

The Pacvac does win here on most points and is definitely the machine of choice.  It's lighterweight, has suction to rival a mains powered machine, has a decent run time (especially with the 2 battery kit) and should be a serious option for anywhere you are doing daily vacuuming to rapidly cut down on the cleaning time.  It's also a great machine to combine with our high level vacuum kits for completely wireless high level cleaning!

In fairness to the Numatic, it has a comfortable harness, and the battery indicator and on/off switch are more conveniently placed on the machine.  The RSB140 is a solidly-built machine that will last you years of service, but just lacks the edge on the suction.

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