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10 Things you need to know about COSHH Risk assessments

Posted by Ken Buckley on 08-8-2017


Okay so you have been told you've got to do COSHH risk assessments for your cleaning chemicals.

Where do you go for help? What do you need to know?

This guide gives you ten things you should know about before embarking on this painful process. 

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6 Problems with Emulsion Floor Polish

Posted by Ken Buckley on 03-8-2017

When it all goes to plan, a polished floor looks stunning. When it all goes wrong, it can look awful and be very  distressing. 

Knowing the classic errors to avoid is essential if you are  going to invest all that time and hard work into polishing a floor. 

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Do Cleaning staff need COSHH training?

Posted by Ken Buckley on 20-7-2017

Often get asked, do cleaning staff need COSHH training?

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5 Powerful Chemicals for Student Accommodation Cleaning

Posted by Matt Besley on 26-6-2017

Anyone that has ever worked in student accommodation cleaning will know that it is very very hard work.  Demanding deadlines, grease, grime, food waste, very smelly rooms, body fat, limescale....the list goes on.  Here's 5  of the best chemicals we've found that will cut out some of the elbow grease.

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Scrubber Dryer Cheat Sheet

Posted by Ken Buckley on 22-6-2017


How to keep your Scrubber Dryer in good working order (without calling out a service engineer every other day) 

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Update on the old CHIP Hazard Symbols & new CLP Symbols

Posted by Ken Buckley on 14-6-2017

As of the 1st June 2017, no products containing to old CHIP warning symbols can be sold. (Orange squares with black warning symbol) 

What are the implications for your team?

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Whats wrong with these Trigger Spray Bottles?

Posted by Ken Buckley on 02-6-2017

You've  probably guessed it, they've got no labels! 

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7 Things to Consider When Cleaning Dust in a Very Dusty Environment

Posted by Matt Besley on 09-5-2017

Managing cleaning contracts in high dust environments is one of the most challening tasks any contractor can take on.

Frought with challenges and hazards, these contracts shouldn't be treated like office cleaning contracts.  Indeed no two of these sites, be it in a quarry, woodwork shop or manufacturing plant should be treated the same.  Cleaning dust is notoriously hard.

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Slippery when wet - How to manage the risks

Posted by Ken Buckley on 25-4-2017

Some floors are always going to be a problem when they get wet. A polished marble entrance floor in a luxury hotel, for instance, is always going to be "High risk" when wet.

What can you do to manage the risks?

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Should we be disinfecting everything?

Posted by Ken Buckley on 21-4-2017

Is it good practice to use a Cleaner Disinfectant or Sanitiser for all cleaning in a school, office or workplace? 

Many seem to think so. Surely it pays to be safe, you know, belt n braces and all that?

Or does it? 

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