Powerbrush XL vs Scrubby Wand - Small Battery Scrubbing Machine

by Ken Buckley on 16-2-2017

 Powerbrush XL vs Scrubby Wand Images.png

Both these tools would make an excellent addition to anybodies cleaning kit, but which is the best one overall? 

Read on for a full comparison test of both machines;

   The Spec

The major difference here, is the Powerbrush has a battery that lasts over twice as long as the Scrubby Wand

Powerbrush XL vs Scrubby Wand Spec Table.png

  Cleaning Performance

Both machines give a good clean. Both are excellent for washroom deep cleans and stair cleaning. 

The Powerbrush has a bit more torque. 

 Small Power Brushes image.png


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The Scrubby Wand has a detachable head for using the scrubber by hand, which can be quite useful. Also with the battery mounted at the base there is a bit more weight on the floor. 

Both machines have fully adjustable handles. With the Power brush you can adjust the angle of the head and the head can be submersed in a bucket of solution, the head being fully water proof. This is very useful. 

 Wand by hand image.jpg.png

The 2 hour run time is really useful on the Powerbrush, it's amazing how much cleaning you can do with one charge. 



Both have proved to be really robust and reliable, with no common problems. 


   Maintenance & Care

Both machines need little more care and maintenance other than keeping them cleaned after each use. 

Both need care with how the batteries are handled, avoid interrupting the charge and try to run the batteries down before charging. 

Battery images.png


   Value for Money

With both machines a similar price, both are excellent value for money. However the Powerbrush has to be the best value for money with the extra battery run time and the much bigger accessory kit, including a carrying bag. 


  The Verdict

Again, it's worth saying, both are excellent machines. However all things considered the Powerbrush has the edge on most fronts. 

Powerbrush Verdict image.png

It has a much longer run time, has a much bigger range of standard accessories, has slightly more torque and can be submerged in a bucket. 

If you need a small battery scrubbing machine, I would go for the XL. 


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