Reduce the Cost of your Janitorial Supplies

by Ken Buckley on 26-1-2017

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How do you go about reducing the cost of your Janitorial Supplies?

And don't say put it out to Tender! That is the dumbest thing to do.

Everyone knows (well nearly everyone) that tenders just get you lower quality products and lower quality service and, in the long run all things considered, higher actual costs.


1) Look at your Toilet Paper first

This is usually the greatest cost, so start here. Are you getting a cost effective system?

Many paper manufacturers will offer washroom dispensers free-on-loan. This is obviously worth something to you, especially if you have hundreds of dispensers.

But look at the different systems carefully, compare one with another.

Use our Free Toilet Paper  Cost Comparison Calculator

There could be massive savings to be had here. Don't listen to the bull that the paper manufactures give about how much less theirs cost in use! Check it yourself metre for metre with the above calculator.


2) Look at your Hand Towels (If you haven't already fitted Dryers)

If you are still using hand towels, have a look at what it would cost you to fit one of the new fast energy saving hand dryers instead. See how long the saving would take you to pay for the dryers. There could be good savings here.

If this is a no-goer, look at different hand towels. Look for an Interfold or Zig-Zag fold towel, not too soft. This is the most economic, as you will only be dispensing one towel at a time, instead of handfuls and a slightly stronger towel feeds better.


3) Look at your washroom soap

This can be another area for big savings. Go for a cartridge system, either Foaming, if you want a nicer soap, or Spray Soap if you want the cheapest option.

Download our Buyers guide to washroom Soap Systems

With a soap system you should be able to get free dispensers, so make sure you ask.


4) Look at your refuse sacks

This is usually the forth biggest cost in Janitorial spend. It is worth looking at carefully.

Look carefully at how your refuse sacks are used. Do you need sacks as big and as thick?

Try dropping a grade or even two. Everyone will moan, until they get used to them, but you could save serious money here.

Have a look at the filled sacks. How full are they? Are they all no more than 3/4 full?

Maybe you should get a sack 3/4 the size. The smaller and lighter the sack, the cheaper it will be. Often you find people using a refuse sack way over-spec for what they actually need.


4) Look at your Cleaning Chemicals

Okay so you have already cut you Janitorial Supplies bill by a large margin with the first three steps above, now one other thing to look at, Cleaning Chemicals.

Are you buying RTUs (Ready-to-use- trigger sprays)? If you are you need to look at something like Easy Dose,  where 1 litre makes x100 trigger sprays for a little under £6. In other words one trigger spray of chemical will cost you under £0.06.

If you are using 5 litre concentrate cleaning chemicals and your staff are diluting into buckets and trigger sprays, have a look in the cupboards. Every opened 5 litre of chemical should have a dosing pump fitted.

If this is not the case, staff must be glugging neat chemical, which is unsafe and very wasteful. Simply by spending a couple of quid on a dosing pump, you will greatly reduce the amount of chemical you are buying.

Also have a look at the number of different cleaning chemicals you are using. Have you got countless chemicals all doing the same thing?

Click on the link below to help you reduce your chemicals range.

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