Rock Salt or Ice Melt?

by Ken Buckley on 02-12-2016

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First cold spell for the UK and everyone's worried about people slipping over on their premises.

So what do you use, Rock Salt or Ice Melt?

Which is the best?

Rock Salt is still the most popular way of getting rid of ice in the UK. It is cheap and effective (as long as the temperature doesn't drop too low below freezing). It is also fairly easy to spread.

There are some down sides to using this method though; Salt is not good for plants, nor animal paws. Also if you have emulsion polish on your corridors, like many schools or Healthcare sites, salt is a very effective polish stripper!

If the temperature drops to 7 degrees below freezing, (which, thankfully, it doesn't that often in most of the UK) salt is not effective.


Ice Melt, unlike salt, is non-corrosive and gives at least 6 x times more coverage. It also melts ice and snow much quicker.

It is safe for plants, animals and kids and it doesn't leave unsightly staining in your car park or walk ways.

Also, it will not damage or stain flooring or strip off floor polish when walked inside.

So why do we still buy Rock Salt?

Well, it is a lot cheaper and it does lend itself to mechanical spreading over larger areas. I guess it's horses for courses.

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