School Cleaning - 3 Easy Wins to Improve the Student Experience

by Matt Besley on 17-11-2016

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Parents and students are a whole lot more fussy about which school they choose, bad schools quickly get a bad reputation and pupil numbers fall (and the funding falls with it), 

This means schools have put increased emphasis on not only the academic results, but the facilities.  Of course school cleaning plays a big part in this!

'Student Experience' has become a kind of buzz-word - here's 3 ways you can make quick wins!

1 - The Entrance Foyer  

This is of #1 importance - the entrance foyer has to look great, if it has large glass areas make sure these are regularly cleaned, and the floor is vacuumed every day. 

The otehr imprtant thing in a entrance area is entrance matting.  Stop all that dirt comign straight in off the street or playground - if you are going to all the effort of a regularly cleaning schedule, a mat is a small investmet to maintain this.  You can get entrance mats easily printed up these days with your logo too.


2 - The School Hall and Corridors

The school hall is a really important area to keep clean.  It gives a big impression.  Generally the 'hub' of the school, it can make or break the general impression.

If the floor is a polished floor, make sure you are regularly maintaining the finish with a floor maintainer and polishing machine.  If the floor is looking worn and not as prestine, consider stripping the polish back and resealing it.  The picture in this blog was actually a school hall that was stripped and sealed with Windmill Endurance by one of our customers,  A shiny floor will be the source of much conversation by teachers and students - your efforts wont be wasted!

Corridors are equally important - make sure these are vacuumed regularly - consider using a wide upright vacuum like the Sebo 470 (change the standard brush strip with the stiff brush strip for the best results).  Upright vacuums give a much better result on large carpeted areas, especially short pile commercial carpets.

With large atrium areas, and tall ledges, these are another area which can easily let the appearance of the building down - and the equipment to fix these hard to reach areas is now really reasonably priced - consider these 2 pieces of kit:

Unger Stingray Indoor Window Cleaning Kit 3.27m/11ft Reach

Unger Stingray- reach up to 3.27m with a triangular pad that reaches into the corners of the windows, and is really easy to use.

Microfibre High Level Dusting Kit

High Level Dusting Kit - a kit which reaches up to almost 5.5m with a microfibre dusting attachment which is bendable and washable. 


3 - The Cleaning Cupboard

The cleaning cupboad may seem a bit of a strange one to put on the list!  Similar to office work where a 'tidy desk is a tidy mind', it works with the cleaning cupboard too!

Make sure your clenaing chemicals are rationalised (Minimise the number of chemicals you need with our handy checklist).

Put simply, make your cleaning cupboard look the business.  Sure, it's probably about 10 times smaller than you want it to be, so be smart by rationalising the number of chemicals and products you buy.

3 Essential charts for your cleaning cupboard:

  1. Dosing chart (make sure your team are using their chemicals to the correct dilution)
  2. COSHH poster - with the new CLP symbols
  3. Colour code chart - make sure your team segregate the colour cloths, and mops for each area, it instantly improves the hygiene standards.

As always, it's the little things that count.

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