Sebo 370 vs Nilfisk Vu500 - Upright Vacuum cleaners compared

by Ken Buckley on 19-10-2016

 Seb_370_and_Nilfisk_VU500_Title_image.pngIf you are going to use Upright Vacuum Cleaners for commercial use, then you better get a good one!

Tub Vacuums tend to be tougher, but uprights give a better single pass clean on carpet and are a must if you have a lot of carpet to clean every day.

Here's two good machines, from good manufacturers - How do they compare?

   The Spec

The major difference here, is the 370 has a separate motor for the brush roller and it also has a much larger bag capacity.


  Cleaning Performance

Both machines give a good clean. The 370 has the edge here, because of the adjustable brush roller and the brush roller motor.  This means you can beat the carpet harder which is great in a commercial environment.

The pull out wand is also better on the 370, with a much longer hose and a longer, easier to hold wand.



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   Ease of use 

Both are really easy to use. As above, the wand is easier to use on the Sebo.

The Nilfisk has a nice quick release clip for the cable, great if you are moving around from room to room.

The 370 has a crevice and stair tool clipped into the moulding at the back.


The Bag is a bit easier to get in and out of the 370.



The Nilfisk VU500 is not quite so robust as the Sebo 370 overall. Both need more care than a tub vacuum and will not survive unscathed if they are repeatedly banged into walls and obstacles.

The underplate on the Nilfisk is a bit tougher.



   Maintenance & Care

Uprights need servicing. You can do this yourself easily enough on both machines. Both have easy to replace filters and brushes, with no tools needed.

All uprights need a bit of TLC, you need to cut off the hair that gets wrapped around the rollers and you will need to unblock regularly on both machines.

The 370 has a nice little touch here,  an access flap underneath for clearing blockages. This is great, but it is another thing to break, if you're not careful.


   Value for Money

With the Sebo 370 at around £250 and the Nilfisk VU500 £200, both are excellent value for money.

From a money angle, it is hard to make a choice. Both would be money well spent.


  The Verdict

The Sebo is the best machine without a doubt. It gives a better cleaning performance, has bigger bags, has a much better wand and is a more refined design.

The Nilfisk is a perfectly adequate machine and is smaller, lighter  and cheaper than the Sebo.

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