A Simple 3 Point Guide to Sustainable Cleaning

by Matt Besley on 15-2-2019


Sustainability is a well-used buzzword and something that needs to be taken into consideration in any cleaning regime.  A recent Defra document has 3 points to optimize sustainability.

Their take was this:

'There are three key steps which are required to optimize sustainability

  • Choose products that are designed for sustainability as well as safety
  • Work with suppliers so that they responsibly manage their manufacturing impacts
  • Minimize the environmental impacts that arise during your cleaning operations'

These are good points, and is a simple yardstick to make sure you are being an ethical part of the supply-chain.

Starting with the products, sustainable products in our opinion aren't necessarily the ones branded up as 'eco-options' - sometimes eco options are not much more than a marketing ploy.  Some types of biodegradable sacks for example are not much better than using a thin sack (often biodegradable sacks are just designed to break down into strips when in landfill.   Some 'eco-friendly' chemicals are often more dilute so you will get less bang for your buck.  In our opinion something like the Windmill Easy Dose range ticks a lot of boxes - using chemicals that are more concentrated means less transport requirements.

Developing long-term strategic relationships with your suppliers is an important aspect of this, with managing the deliveries to ensure that they are being done in the most environmentally-friendly way to minimise carbon footprint.  Most of our deliveries are done on our own transport, which means that we can route sites in the same areas together to minimise our impact.

Minimizing the environmental impact during your cleaning operations is another really important factor.  We help our customers manage this through staff training (people need to know the why to make sure it happens), easy dosing control for the chemicals and supplying chemicals in concentrate to reduce transport and bespoke dosing charts to emphasis both the chemicals and the training (get in contact to find out more).

The full Defra document can be downloaded on this link - download here.

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