the best carpet cleaning system for In-house cleaning teams

by Ken Buckley on 03-11-2016

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The choice of Carpet Cleaning systems, their Pros and Cons, is bewildering, to say the least. Different systems are right for different users.

While a heated 800psi truck mounted system may be perfect for the operator cleaning domestic homes, it would be no good at all for the large carpeted area in a commercial setting.

So what would be the best system for large commercial, in-house carpet care?

In this Blog we will look at the Ultracaps system and how this works so well for in-house cleaning of large carpeted areas.  


Download our Instruction Guide for the Ulltracaps System


  The Problem with conventional systems:

In the setting of FM for a large commercial area of carpet, some of the  problems with spray extraction systems are;

  • Leave the carpets too wet
  • Use a lot of water
  • Very time consuming
  • Noisy, so have to be done out of hours
  • Equipment is very expensive
  • By definition can only be done periodically
  • Often leaves lingering malodours


  Why the Ultracaps System is so good:

Again, in the setting of FM for large commercial carpet cleaning, some of the benefits of the Ultracaps system are;

  • Leaves the carpet much dryer then conventional
  • Uses a fraction of the water
  • Very quick
  • Very quiet, so can be done in the working day
  • Equipment is inexpensive
  • Allows carpet cleaning to be done regularly
  • Does not  cause malodours

  How does Ultracaps work?

Ultracaps is an Encapsulation process that uses crystallising polymer technology, that literally  "encapsulates" the dirt in the carpet, so that it can be easily removed by vacuuming.

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With the solution of Ultracaps in the Cimex three brush rotary machine, you are cleaning 480mm wide path at walking speed.

Download Instruction Guide for this System

Soil in the carpet is being broken up and moved to the surface, the carpet looks clean immediately. This soil is then surrounded by the polymer as it dries, encapsulating it and stopping it from sinking back into the carpet.

The carpet is fine to walk on straight away and no further action is needed until the next day, when normal vacuuming will remove all the encapsulated soil from the carpet.


   Benefits for FM and In-house teams

The benefits for Facilities Management & In-house cleaning teams for Schools, Collages, Universities and Offices, are clear:

  • Gives you the means to do quick regular maintenance cleans
  • Allows you to do carpet cleaning in-house
  • Avoids the need for costly periodic cleaning
  • Enhances your offering to you client

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