The Best Soap Dispensers For Schools [+ free guide]

by Matt Besley on 25-11-2016

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We have a 'no-frills' approach to soap dispensers for schools.

They need to be robust, offer good cost in use savings, and of course be completely free of charge.

Soap systems are not all equal.  We have sold a huge amount of soap systems, but we keep coming back to this one - and we beleive its a fail-safe option...

Here are 2 things you need to consider when you look at a new soap system for your school.   


1 - Refillable or Cartridge Soap?

There are 2 main options with a soap dispenser system - either you can have one which has a container inside which you top up with from a 5L container.  Now on face value you're probably thinking that must be the cheapest way to go?  Often not. 

instead of pouring in soap from a 5L, you just take out a catridge - container/box from the dispenser and put a new one in, it is quicker and much more hygienic.  

Lastly, of course you have to pay for the dispensers.  With a catridge system you should get them free.  Absolutely free.  And without loan forms!


2 - Break down the cost of the soap to a unit cost (cost per shot)

It's important to compare apples for apples right?  Make sure when you do the calculations that you take into account how many shots you get in a catridge and the catridge cost.  Often what may seem to be a cheap system actually wont give you the same number of shots.

The TC Foam soap is a great option with free soap dispensers for schools.  Not only does the soap feel great in use, but it will give you 2000 shots per catridge, and at a great price before you start, this is a real winner.  Free dispensers which are robust and look great.

Download the guide below, or get in contact for a trial.

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