The Correct Way to Clean a Toilet Bowl - with Free photo Download Poster

by Matt Besley on 23-4-2018

Toilet cleaning is perhaps the most common cleaning task carried out thousands of times everyday.

It is really surprising how many people don't understand the correct method, even when they may have been cleaning for 20 years+

Here's the correct 6 step process with a free download guide to put up in your cleaning cupboards for handy reference and training.

1.  Flush the toilet

6 Step Toilet Cleaning Procedure-4
This is a really important step for 2 reasons:
  1. it wets the sides of the toilet bowl which makes the acid work better
  2. It flushes away any chemical that may have been used before

2.  Lower the water level in the toilet

6 Step Toilet Cleaning Procedure-6

Use a toilet brush to force water around the u-bend.  This is an important step to stop limescale build up around water level mark. 

The Unger toilet brush as pictured here comes with a really long handle, and the heads can be replaced which makes life a lot easier.

 3.  Apply toilet cleaner around rim

6 Step Toilet Cleaning Procedure-8

Apply Windmill Warrior toilet cleaner under the rim using the directional spout.  As the surfaces are wet, this will slowly run down the sides of the toilet bowl.

A lot of people think that bleach is the best cleaner for everything.  Bleach will whiten limescale, not remove it - the best toilet cleaners are acidic products (More details on using bleach for toilet cleaning can be found on this blog).  The other common products people use are thickened highly perfumed products which help make the washroom smell great, but are often actually only a neutral product - the cleaning power of these products is similar to using a washing up liquid.

#Tip - if you are in a soft water area, you can simply spray on a washroom sanitiser, and just use an acidic toilet cleaner on a weekly basis to save cost.

4.  Leave for 4 minutes , then scrub with toilet brush

6 Step Toilet Cleaning Procedure-10

Contact time is one of the 4 elements of cleaning, and is a super-important step in toilet cleaning.  If you can, leave the toilet for 3-4 minutes for the best effect.

5.  Flush toilet, removing any toilet cleaning chemical

6 Step Toilet Cleaning Procedure-12

6 Step Toilet Cleaning Procedure-6

Scrub and flush the toilet to remove any of the chemical in the toilet - often people leave the chemical in the toilet - this is a real COSHH no no - users of the facility may get chemical splash back.

6 Clean all touch points with Washroom Disinfectant and Red cloth

6 Step Toilet Cleaning Procedure-166 Step Toilet Cleaning Procedure-18

Finally spray the touch surfaces with a good quality sanitiser.  Use the correct colour cloth.

To summarize - the most common mistakes are:

  1. Not flushing the toilet, or lowering the water level - just applying plenty of chemical!
  2. Not giving enough contact time - sometimes flushing away without even brushing
  3. Leaving the chemical in after cleaning (leaving a COSHH risk).

Download the poster below for more details.

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