The Cutting Edge for Edge Cleaning

by Ken Buckley on 03-3-2017

 Floor corning dirt image 1.jpg

Whenever you go anywhere like a hospital or leisure centre one thing that often stands out is dirty edges and dirt around the door jams. 

Why is this? 

The problem is the edges are harder to clean and conventional mopping systems tend to push dirt into the corners and edges. Most cleaning machines won't clean right into the edge or corners.

floor corner DIrt image 2.jpg

So for the hard pressed cleaning team, the edges, around door jams and the corner of stair treads often gets left.

The problem with this is it lets down to whole image of the area in question and the overall view is, the cleaning is not that good, in fact the place is dirty! 

With conventional methods, hands & knees with scouring pad, this edge cleaning is jolly hard work and very time consuming. 

With this inexpensive little kit, the problem is solved.

Powerbrush Xl image kit.png

The  Powerbrush XL kit is the perfect tool for bringing up these difficult to clean edges and corners.

Battery operated, with  2 hour run time per battery and with a comprehensive kit, the Powerbrush XL is an easy to use, effective edge cleaning tool. 

With a range of brushes and a pad holder, there is something for most situations.

Powerbrush Brushes.png


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