The Value of Cleaning and the Cleaners - 10 Points to Consider

by Mike Besley on 26-10-2016

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Often cleaning is a seriously under-valued profession but unquestionably an extremely important component of everyone’s business.

It doesn’t all happen automatically yet, so

Cleaning is most noticed when it isn’t done!  Respect for those doing it rises when they stop doing the basic tasks.  Often it is an undervalued activity which is taken for granted. Run well, it significantly impacts on your brand, staff, building assets and most importantly your customers. Done well, it can be a truly motivational experience, where pride in the job contributes to better wellbeing and rewards for cleaning staff. This needs correct procedures and products to also achieve results.


First impressions count! It is well documented that within 30 seconds you have made a subconscious decision as to how you rate a person or building.  This is true of a building and facility and from the moment you approach a building your initial perceptions are building up of the organisation. 

Here are 10 points to consider:


1 - Treat Cleaning like a Key Strategic Activity
Why not view cleaning as a key strategic activity rather than a mundane task. Help the building managers and cleaning teams understand better how cleaning works when procuring and implementing services across your facilities.


2 - Consider the Look and Feel of your Facility
Consider your organisation by how space is presented, how clean the toilets are, whether there are smears on the windows, whether there’s build-up of grime in the corners of the room, as a start.


3 - It Shows you Care
Persons may not comment, but the impressions of these facts are long lasting.  Sometimes people feel ‘Because the place is so dirty they really don’t care!’, ‘Do we want to eat there?’, ‘If they have no pride in their appearance, what are they like as a company?’  With that kind of feedback, the chance to impress is already made hard.


4 - It Saves Lives
In hospitals, cleanliness and hygiene is a lifesaver and features highly in patient surveys. In fact, it’s one of the major factors in all areas.


5 - Cleaning Makes Things Last Longer
Good cleaning means longer asset life, less redecoration, happier staff and customers. Despite its image, cleaning is not all mops and buckets, toilet brushes and minimum wage staff. It’s a world of innovation, motivation and influence.


6 - Check Your Budget - Have you Allowed Enough?
Review the cost to clean all areas to the right standard and check against the existing budget - are you allowing enough?


7 - Make Sure They Get the Right Equipment and Chemical
Getting the right motivated staff with the correct equipment and cleaning chemicals and watch the improved performance and costs may even be reduced.  Look at our blog post on choosing the correct product and method.


8 - Yes - You Can Make a Difference

A change of view about cleaning and can really get all stakeholders engaged in the process when they realise they can all make a difference.  Listen to staff as they come up with innovative new ways of doing things and get better results.


9 - Look for Innovation
Spend some time considering innovation such as machines, washroom facilities, flow cleaning, environmentally friendly cleaning materials and safety aspects.  Look at our blog post on 6 of the best cleaning products.


10 - Pay Cleaners the Living Wage 
Would adopting the Living Wage (the Living Wage Foundation rate) help the results? In reality, over 80% of cleaning is labour and if you look after them properly and help train them, they will become more engaged & motivated.


So the advice would be that cleaners don’t have access to anything to make a magical difference with no support - they are singly the most important people in a facility; they support your brand, values and help show that you care.

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