Throw out all your cleaning Chemicals - Uniwipe

by Ken Buckley on 25-1-2017

Uniwipes image 1.png

Ever wished you could throw out all your cleaning chemicals?

Well, now you can....

with these brilliant new colour coded, impregnated Uniwipe cleaning wipes, you can throw out your cleaning chemicals (well almost, you might still need a toilet cleaner).

You might say "whats new about that. Antibac wipes have been out for years"

But this is different. This is a complete daily cleaning range with colour coded packaging. There is a Washroom cleaning wipe, a Multipurpose wipe,  a clinical Sanitiser, a Catering Sanitiser and a Ulragrime wipe as well.

Uniwipe iamge 13.png

The wipes are super sized at 38cm x 25cm.

This could be a game changer. Think of all the problems that go with chemicals; COSHH risk assessments, Spray Bottles & Labels, the expense.

Just think, if you only took a pack of these Uniwipe wipes to clean an office or washroom, how much simpler would everyone's lives be?

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