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Commercial Carpet Cleaning - How to clean a heavily soiled carpet

Posted by Ken Buckley on 12-12-2016



A lot of professional carpet cleaners have their own secret recipes for success.

To many of us, carpet cleaning is a mystery science. It is true there is a lot to learn about the subject.

What if you just want a good way of cleaning tough man-made commercial carpets, like in a school, that are heavily soiled, quickly and effectively?  

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the best carpet cleaning system for In-house cleaning teams

Posted by Ken Buckley on 03-11-2016


The choice of Carpet Cleaning systems, their Pros and Cons, is bewildering, to say the least. Different systems are right for different users.

While a heated 800psi truck mounted system may be perfect for the operator cleaning domestic homes, it would be no good at all for the large carpeted area in a commercial setting.

So what would be the best system for large commercial, in-house carpet care?

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5 simple maintenance tips for carpet cleaning machines

Posted by Matt Besley on 22-9-2016

Carpet cleaning machines can be pretty frustrating when they break down. 

Ever had the situation where you've been on site and the machine stops working? 

Here's 5 quick tips to keep your machine up and running for longer.

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