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The 4 Elements of Cleaning

Posted by Ken Buckley on 24-3-2017

Cleaning is a Science.

It's all about Chemistry, Physics and even microbiology, despite what many think and you should approach as a science.

The more you understand about the science of it, the more effective your clean will be. 

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Download Free Dilution Calculator - For Cleaning Chemicals

Posted by Ken Buckley on 02-2-2017


Ever struggled with Dilution Ratios?

A Scrubber Dryer with a 45 Litre solution tank and a chemical that needs diluting 1:100, how much chemical should you add?

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Throw out all your cleaning Chemicals - Uniwipe

Posted by Ken Buckley on 25-1-2017

Ever wished you could throw out all your cleaning chemicals?

Well, now you can....

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Janitorial Supplies - 3 Elements to choosing the correct product & method

Posted by Mike Besley on 17-10-2016

When you buy your janitorial supplies, it really helps to understand the 3 key elements of cleaning.

What cleans can also damage! Here's some help to get it right.

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Clean Non Slip Flooring without Cleaning Chemicals - Truvox Multiwash

Posted by Matt Besley on 14-10-2016

 Non Slip flooring is notoriously difficult to clean.  But sometimes you need to think beyond using stronger cleaning chemicals,   The Truvox Multiwash 340 is super easy to use, and give the floor a deep clean. 

This means that most of the time, you can get away with just using tap water to clean the floor!

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The pH Scale: Using it to Choose the Right Cleaning Chemical

Posted by Mike Besley on 23-9-2016

You learnt about the pH scale at school all those years ago, and you probably listened with half an ear, right?

Well, you need to know about it because it applies when you are choosing a chemical to clean with.  This knowledge will keep you safe, but also how effective the product will be to use.

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