Ken Buckley
The 4 Elements of Cleaning

Cleaning is a Science.

It's all about Chemistry, Physics and even..

Ken Buckley
Download Free Dilution Calculator - For Cleaning Chemicals


Ever struggled with Dilution Ratios?

A Scrubber Dryer with a 45 Litre..

Ken Buckley
Throw out all your cleaning Chemicals - Uniwipe

Ever wished you could throw out all your cleaning chemicals?

Well, now you..

Mike Besley
Janitorial Supplies - 3 Elements to choosing the correct product & method

When you buy your janitorial supplies, it really helps to understand the 3..

Matt Besley
Clean Non Slip Flooring without Cleaning Chemicals - Truvox Multiwash

 Non Slip flooring is notoriously difficult to clean.  But sometimes you..

Mike Besley
The pH Scale: Using it to Choose the Right Cleaning Chemical

You learnt about the pH scale at school all those years ago, and you..

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