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Bog Brush or no Bog brush...whats to loos?

Posted by Adrian Welch on 18-11-2016

Should public WC's have brushes or not, this is the question?

Who uses them and what for?

And is there a legal requirement to provide a toilet brush?

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Easy way of exterior Caravan Cleaning and cladding

Posted by Adrian Welch on 04-11-2016


Brilliant portable cleaning machine, ideal for exteriors of caravan cleaning, cladding and much more....

This unique 3 in 1 self contained trolley allows you to clean with a detergent, tap water and pure water, all from the same machine!


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How To Use the Unger Smart Mop System [Training Videos]

Posted by Matt Besley on 02-11-2016


Using the Unger Smart Mop system to clean your floors is rewarding, and really easy.

It is important that the cleaners are using the mop buckets correctly so you get consistently great results (and you wont need to deep clean so regularly).

Watch our training videos. 

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Cleaning Equipment - The 5 Essentials for Mobile Cleaners

Posted by Matt Besley on 28-9-2016

Your mobile cleaners probably have a ton of cleaning equipment in the back of the van.  Everything has to earn its place in the small space you have.

Consider the role of your mobile cleaners.  Do you want them to be doing more of your deep clean work, or your more thorough weekly cleans?

Boost your cleaning contract value and provide 1st class service by considering these 5 pieces of cleaning equipment:

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