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The Correct Way to Clean a Toilet Bowl - with Free photo Download Poster

Posted by Matt Besley on 23-4-2018

Toilet cleaning is perhaps the most common cleaning task carried out thousands of times everyday.

It is really surprising how many people don't understand the correct method, even when they may have been cleaning for 20 years+

Here's the correct 6 step process with a free download guide to put up in your cleaning cupboards for handy reference and training.

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Free Dosing chart Template - For Cleaning Chemicals

Posted by Ken Buckley on 02-2-2017


Design your own Cleaning Chemical Dosing Charts with our free Dosing Chart Template.

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6 Bog standard bog cleaning tips

Posted by Adrian Welch on 18-11-2016

Are your toilets being cleaned correctly and safely, are cleaners leaving chemical in toilet  bowl?

Chemical left in toilet bowl is a No No and a COSHH issue. 

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