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Nilfisk SC351 Scrubber Drier In-Depth Review

Posted by Matt Besley on 06-3-2019

The Nilfisk SC351 is a great small scrubber drier machine perfect for cleaning medium sized spaces.  It comes fully equipped out of the box with everything you need to get going apart from chemical and floor pads.  The standout feature on this machine is an incredibly effective rotating squeegee bar which leaves the floor dry regardless of the direction of travel; forwards or backwards, in fact it’s so effective you leave virtually no streak marks on the floor after cleaning.

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7 Things to check on a Scrubber Dryer

Posted by Ken Buckley on 12-9-2017


Things to check on a Scrubber Dryer to ensure it is doing a top job. 

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Scrubber Dryer Cheat Sheet

Posted by Ken Buckley on 22-6-2017


How to keep your Scrubber Dryer in good working order (without calling out a service engineer every other day) 

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Why Use A Scrubber Dryer?

Posted by Matt Besley on 10-3-2017

Scrubber dryers make floor cleaning a breeze.  At least that is if you have chosen the right machine for the job.  

They automate floor cleaning, great for large areas.  But the machines have also shrunk in size recently too, so you can automate almost any floor cleaning task.

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The Cutting Edge for Edge Cleaning

Posted by Ken Buckley on 03-3-2017


Whenever you go anywhere like a hospital or leisure centre one thing that often stands out is dirty edges and dirt around the door jams. 

Why is this? 

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Powerbrush XL vs Scrubby Wand - Small Battery Scrubbing Machine

Posted by Ken Buckley on 16-2-2017


Both these tools would make an excellent addition to anybodies cleaning kit, but which is the best one overall? 

Read on for a full comparison test of both machines;

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What's killing your scrubber dryer batteries?

Posted by Ken Buckley on 02-11-2016

These battery Scrubber Dryers cost enough in the first place, it's a bitter pill to swallow when 12 months in and the run time on the machine begins to drop off.

Your staff start telling you "The machine is not running long enough to do the job"

Why is this? Can't they make batteries that last longer than 12 months?

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Cleaning Equipment Review: Steam-e Battery Chewing Gum Removal Machine

Posted by Matt Besley on 21-10-2016

The Steam-e is a ground-breaking battery powered chewing gum removal machine.

It is estimated that gum removal costs the UK £60 million a year, so this is a pretty big deal!

With a combined running cost of only £2.50 an hour, and the ability to remove more than 2000 pieces of gum on a charge, this is definitely a machine worth looking at for large schools, universities, shopping centres and local councils

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Sebo 370 vs Nilfisk Vu500 - Upright Vacuum cleaners compared

Posted by Ken Buckley on 19-10-2016

 If you are going to use Upright Vacuum Cleaners for commercial use, then you better get a good one!

Tub Vacuums tend to be tougher, but uprights give a better single pass clean on carpet and are a must if you have a lot of carpet to clean every day.

Here's two good machines, from good manufacturers - How do they compare?

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Clean Non Slip Flooring without Cleaning Chemicals - Truvox Multiwash

Posted by Matt Besley on 14-10-2016

 Non Slip flooring is notoriously difficult to clean.  But sometimes you need to think beyond using stronger cleaning chemicals,   The Truvox Multiwash 340 is super easy to use, and give the floor a deep clean. 

This means that most of the time, you can get away with just using tap water to clean the floor!

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