Matt Besley
Truvox Multiwash Floor Cleaning Machine Training Videos resource Library


The Truvox Multiwash is a great all-rounder, cleaning most floor coverings..

Matt Besley
Truvox Battery Multiwash Floor Cleaning Machine Review

The Truvox Multiwash has always been a great all-rounder, cleaning almost..

Ken Buckley
Free Cleaning Cupboards Checklist - What are the basics?

Setting up a new contract or even pricing a contract?

What should you have..

Matt Besley
Cleaning Equipment Review: High Reach Vacuum Kit 21ft reach


Reaching the tall ledges, windowsills, pipes, ducts and grills can be at..

Matt Besley
How to Use 5S To Tidy Up Your Cleaners Cupboard

Lean priciniples originated from Toyota in the 1970's, but the principles..

Ken Buckley
How many cleaning chemicals do you really need?


This picture is genuine and sadly, it is not a rare sight when you peer..

Adrian Welch
Bog Brush or no Bog brush...whats to loos?

Should public WC's have brushes or not, this is the question?

Who uses them..

Ken Buckley
Do wet floor signs have to be yellow?


The yellow plastic Wet Floor Signs look alright in a public toilet,..

Ken Buckley
Are you off your cleaning trolley?

Probably one of the most under-rated pieces of cleaning equipment, the..

Ken Buckley
Janitorial Supplies Product review: Windmill Odour Force Lemon

 Odour Force Lemon is a very powerful  enzymatic action odour eliminator.


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