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Truvox Battery Multiwash Floor Cleaning Machine Review

Posted by Matt Besley on 13-2-2018

The Truvox Multiwash has always been a great all-rounder, cleaning almost any flooring type very effectively.

A recent addition to the range is the Battery Multiwash; how does this compare, and is there any advantage of buying this over the mains powered machine?

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Free Cleaning Cupboards Checklist - What are the basics?

Posted by Ken Buckley on 29-3-2017

Setting up a new contract or even pricing a contract?

What should you have in a basic cleaning cupboard? It is easy to forget an essential  item when you are setting up. Download our free checklist...

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Cleaning Equipment Review: High Reach Vacuum Kit 21ft reach

Posted by Matt Besley on 17-2-2017


Reaching the tall ledges, windowsills, pipes, ducts and grills can be at best difficult, at worst never attempted.  This high reach vacuum kit is an excellent piece of cleaning equipment which will allow you to clean even the most awkward surfaces at height.  

An excellent all-rounder - if you buy a kit for high level vacuuming, then this should be the one.  A solid 4.5 star rating.


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How to Use 5S To Tidy Up Your Cleaners Cupboard

Posted by Matt Besley on 09-12-2016

Lean priciniples originated from Toyota in the 1970's, but the principles are now more relevant than ever before.  Everything has to work harder and be smarter.

What began in the automotive manufacturing industry all those years ago is now super-relevant to almost every industry.  It's also a great way of making your cleaners cupboard tidier and easier to manage. 

Imagine you could save 5 minutes a day - that's a massive 1825 minutes a year (over 30 hours)!

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How many cleaning chemicals do you really need?

Posted by Ken Buckley on 24-11-2016


This picture is genuine and sadly, it is not a rare sight when you peer inside the average cleaning cupboard.

If you're not careful the list of chemicals you use will grow arms and legs. One is added because Betty likes the smell, another is added because the floor in the lift is really hard to clean, and so it goes on.

So what do you really need?

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Bog Brush or no Bog brush...whats to loos?

Posted by Adrian Welch on 18-11-2016

Should public WC's have brushes or not, this is the question?

Who uses them and what for?

And is there a legal requirement to provide a toilet brush?

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Do wet floor signs have to be yellow?

Posted by Ken Buckley on 11-11-2016


The yellow plastic Wet Floor Signs look alright in a public toilet, but not so much in a more prestigious area like a restaurant or hotel.

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Are you off your cleaning trolley?

Posted by Ken Buckley on 11-11-2016

Probably one of the most under-rated pieces of cleaning equipment, the Cleaning Trolley, has the potential to transform you cleaning team.

Not for everyone, they are best suited to cleaning teams at Schools, Colleges, large offices and public use areas.

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Janitorial Supplies Product review: Windmill Odour Force Lemon

Posted by Ken Buckley on 02-11-2016

 Odour Force Lemon is a very powerful  enzymatic action odour eliminator.

Very effective at removing malodours caused by urinal, vomit, etc.

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3 things that will greatly enhance your cleaning

Posted by Ken Buckley on 28-10-2016


Would you like to up the level of your cleaning?

We look at three simple things that greatly enhance the overall image of a premises.

They are not at all costly to implement and can very easily be added to your cleaning, giving a big boost to the overall feeling of the cleanliness of the area.

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