Ken Buckley
Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls - the best choice for Economy?

There is a lot of muddied water when you start looking into the economies of..

Ken Buckley
Reduce the Cost of your Janitorial Supplies


How do you go about reducing the cost of your Janitorial Supplies?


Ken Buckley
How do you compare toilet paper systems?

Ever worry you're really getting the best deal, when some pushy salesman is..

Ken Buckley
Do you need Antibacterial Soap?


Its a question that gets asked a lot. What about at schools and  for..

Ken Buckley
What is Colour Coded Cleaning & Why use it?

The basic thinking behind Colour Coded cleaning is; you use colours to..

Ken Buckley
6 steps to get your Janitorial Supplies on-time & in-full


Don't you just hate it when you wait all week for a delivery of janitorial..

Ken Buckley
6 of the best Cleaning Products

There have been a lot of useful innovations in the Cleaning trade in the..

Ken Buckley
10 things your should get free with your Janitorial Supplies

No one gets excited about Janitorial Supplies, do they? After all we are..

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