Update on the old CHIP Hazard Symbols & new CLP Symbols

by Ken Buckley on 14-6-2017

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As of the 1st June 2017, no products containing to old CHIP warning symbols can be sold. (Orange squares with black warning symbol) 

What are the implications for your team?

There has been a 2 year transition since the new CLP symbols came into force. From June 2015 chemical manufacturers have been required to use these new symbols. 

Now, as of 1st June 2017, suppliers can not sell product with these old CHIP symbols.

So what is the implication to your cleaning team of all this?

There are a number of things you need to think about regarding these new symbols;


New Material Safety Data Sheets 

As of June 2015 the Safety Data sheet format changed to include to new CLP information. Therefore it is important that you have the updated Data Sheets at all your sites.

You can download most of the Data sheets for our products, from our website. Find the chemical and under the image, click on "Downloads", then click on the pdf link and the Data sheet will download. 

If  you are struggling to find any, send us an email requesting it on mail@adswsupplies.com


Updated COSHH Risk Assessments

If the Material Safety Data sheets have been updated, then your COSHH risk assessments need to be updated as well. A word of warning here; for many cleaning chemicals the hazard warning category has changed. 

You need to re-visit your COSHH risk assessments, if you they were completed before June 2015 or if they were complete using an old Data sheet. 

Read our blog on COSHH Risk Assessments if you need help with this. 


New Posters with the CLP Symbols

Health and Safety inspections are picking this up, if you have a poster up in your cleaning cupboards with the old orange CHIP symbols, you need to replace it with a poster with the new CLP symbols.

We have a new COSHH poster, which is free to all our customers when requested with an order. Please ask for them, our stock code is 00-COSHHPOSTER. 

Or Download a free new CLP Poster here. 


Understand the changes to the CLP Corrosive symbol 

The CLP Corrosive symbol covers a lot more products compared with the old CHIP Corrosive symbol, even though they look the same

Old and New Corrosive Symbols.png

Make sure you understand the difference read our blog Cleaning Chemicals and the Corrosive Symbol on the subject and click on the links. 


Make sure your staff have had training on the CLP Symbols

This is a requirement, that all staff using products with a CLP symbols must receive training relating to the CLP symbols. 

The easiest way to do this is to get them to do our free online COSHH Training. This covers the new symbols and has the option for a certificate on successful completion. . 

Also make sure you have these COSHH Posters up in all your cleaning cupboards. Either request free from us with your next order or click on link below and print off yourself. 

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