Clean Non Slip Flooring without Cleaning Chemicals - Truvox Multiwash

by Matt Besley on 14-10-2016

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 Non Slip flooring is notoriously difficult to clean.  But sometimes you need to think beyond using stronger cleaning chemicals,   The Truvox Multiwash 340 is super easy to use, and give the floor a deep clean. 

This means that most of the time, you can get away with just using tap water to clean the floor!

There may be times where if it is really ingrained dirt or stains, that you can use a chemical (tip:  Use Windmill Wrestler for heavily ingrained dirt on floors).  But when you use chemicals with this machine, use it in a trigger spray bottle and spray it in front of the machine (the tank is quite small on this machine and difficult to get the dilution right, plus the clean water will rinse and neutralise the floor). 


Generally just using warm water is suprisingly efficient at cutting through the dirt!




The reason it's so effective is that the weight of the machine rests on the 2 contra rotating brushes - the mechanical action means you generally dont need to use cleaning chemicals.




Here's a review from a school which recently brought a Multiwash from us:


Safety Floor Cleaning.jpg“I have to say the multiwash machine you recently supplied us was put to good use last week, one of our cleaners cleaned the Home ech room (cookery) we followed your instructions and just used warm water and no chemicals, the results were absolutely amazing, the grime/ dirt etc that was removed had to be seen to be believed.

In previous deep cleans we have used a scrubbing machine with black pad fitted, soaked the floor with a stripper solution, and a wet pick up to collect the water, usually a two person job, slow and time consuming, you have saved us considerable time and money, and the cleaner who carried out the work found the machine very easy to use.

I was unsure how the machine would perform, as this represents quite a chunk of money out of our cleaning budget, but I have to say any concerns I had our now unfounded, even the Teacher has commented on how clean the flooring is.”

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