Versatwin Toilet Paper System - All the Details You Need to Know

by Matt Besley on 24-6-2019

Versatwin HeaderStandardising your toilet paper systems across your site brings great benefits.  Upgrading may bring a cost of new dispensers and stand in the way of this.  The great thing about Versatwin is that the dispensers are available free on loan.

The meter for meter costs on Versatwin are great and stack up really well against most other toilet paper systems, and indeed if you have got an expensive system then you may save anywhere between 5-40%.  There are decent savings to be had if you are just using conventional toilet rolls; especially if you have problems with people throwing toilet rolls whole down the loo and blocking the loos (a classic problem with schools).

The Hidden Costs You Will Save On The Switch

If you are using a single dispenser, just check what your cleaners are doing with the part rolls that they remove from the dispensers they are refilling; often they will often be thrown in the bin or simply stored in the cupboard.  Check if they are being just thrown away too.  The other thing to check whether second rolls are put on the back of the cistern; another costly mistake.

Unfortunetly, pilferage is a common problem in washrooms these days , and leaving rolls on the back of cisterns, or having no dispenser at all is simply asking for trouble.

The Dispenser

The dispenser is a good quality plastic design (it will last for years) which will hold 2 rolls, with a sliding gate that is designed to slide across and stop you from using more than one roll at once.  The advantage of a twin dispenser is that you can constantly top up the dispenser without the fear of it running out part way through the day.

Dispensers are available in translucent blue which is great for high usage environments where you can instantly see whether it needs refilling, or in plain white which looks really smart; great for more prestigious places like offices etc.  There is a silver option too, but in our opinion this isnt the premium finish that it's made out to be - it's a plastic dispenser that's had a silver spray finish on it, and looks a bit tacky. 

And the best part?  These are available free under the ‘free on loan’ dispensers scheme which means that you can upgrade without any additional cost, and you are getting a decent quality dispenser that should last you a number of years.

What Free On Loan Means

Free on loan is industry-jargon - it's an agreement for saying that you will get free dispensers in return for a signed form confirming you will buy the paper for 3 years.  This often frightens people; but it is a simple agreement; the dispenser is provided free from the manufacturer; as long as you sign to say that you will use the dispenser with their paper for 3 years.  The manufacturer doesn’t seem their money back on the dispenser until the third year; so you can be assured that you are getting a fair deal.

The Paper Options

There are 2 options – a 2 ply recycled paper which is our most popular option with 100% recycled paper content, great for high usage areas and is exceptionally competitive on a meter for meter basis.  There is also a luxury 2 ply pure pulp toilet paper – this is a softer paper and is great for offices and more prestigious areas including offices, staff areas etc.

Matching dispensers

If you are after matching dispensers; if you go with the white or blue range the Leondardo range includes interfold hand towels and roll hand towels dispensers.  For the blue range, the blue Deb dispenser matches well in a similar translucent blue, in the white you can use a number of matching soap dispensers; including our favourite TC foam lotion soap – a soap which offers great cost in use.

Get in contact for more details or to see a dispenser.  Free trials of this system are also available to check that it's the right system for you.

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