Washroom Upgrade is Good for Business

by Ken Buckley on 17-1-2017


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At lot of us spend more waking hours at work than we do at home. I'm not sure on the statistics (maybe someone knows), but I won't mind betting that we spend more time on the companies toilets, than we do our own, as well.

Did you know that happy staff are 12% more productive? It is official, according to a University of Warwick study.

Dare I say that the state of the company washrooms and the quality of the consumables, attribute to the overall happiness and therefore productivity of the staff??

There are many ways you can increase staff happiness, some of them involving big bucks. One way that doesn't cost big bucks is simply a washroom upgrade with some nice consumables.

You don't need gold plated taps, just some smart dispensers and some quality consumables. The key elements to a good washroom experience is;

  1. It is clean and tidy
  2. There is hot water
  3. The dispensers are topped up
  4. There is nice toilet paper, hand towels (not dryers) and soap

It is not difficult to achieve these simple things. If dispensers are always running out; get bigger, twin or continuous fill dispensers.

 Washroom upgrade image 1.png

This is not just about the office. When you look the warehouse or factory  toilets; does this tell you something about about what the management think of their staff?

Would you be happy using their  toilets? Could you do with a little higher productivity from your staff?

Maybe it's a time to upgrade you washrooms, give your staff a better experience.

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