We have safety data sheets, do we need a coshh risk assessment? [FREE TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD]

by Ken Buckley on 08-11-2016




Most have heard of Safety Data Sheets and most know you should have them for all you cleaning chemicals. (I hope you do!)  What many are not clear about is COSHH risk assessments.

What is a COSHH Risk Assessment and do you need to have them?

The answer is  yes, if it have a CLP symbol like one of the below symbols on the container.Image of CLP.jpg

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), if the product in question is classed as hazardous to health (if it is, it will have one of these symbols on the container), a Safety Data Sheet does not substitute the carrying out and recording of a risk assessment.

This means you need to have done and recorded these assessments for most of your cleaning chemicals.


 How to do a COSHH Assessment?

Download the our blank assessment form fill in all the details using information from the Safety Data Sheet of the product in question. Use the form to record an evaluation of the risks specific to the way you use the product.

Record any measure you need to take to comply with COSHH regualtions.

Decide when you need to review the assessment.

There is a really good section on HSE webite under "COSHH frequently asked question", this will help you with any details you are not sure about.

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