What's killing your scrubber dryer batteries?

by Ken Buckley on 02-11-2016

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These battery Scrubber Dryers cost enough in the first place, it's a bitter pill to swallow when 12 months in and the run time on the machine begins to drop off.

Your staff start telling you "The machine is not running long enough to do the job"

Why is this? Can't they make batteries that last longer than 12 months?

This is a hard one to accept but, it is probably you or your staff that are killing the batteries!


  The problem

Most battery powered cleaning machines use either Flooded (Wets) or maintenance-free (Gels).

The thing that kills batteries is interrupting the charge.

In other words, the machine is charging and before the charge cycle has completed, someone switches off the charger. Maybe someone wants to move the machine or maybe your staff need to use the machine before it's finished charging.

Interrupting a charge before the charger has completed the different cycles it goes through will irreparably damage the batteries, causing their performance to fall.

oh and by the way, if you don't charge batteries correctly, the warranty is null & void.

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  So whats the answer?

The answer is; train your staff and train your client (If you are a contractor), so that no one will ever interrupt the charge. Make sure the machine is charged in a place where no one will need to move it or switch off the charger socket.

Have a instruction chart up on the wall and hang a sign over the mains socket saying "Do Not Switch off"



  The added problem with Wets

We would not recommend Wets for most applications because of this added dimension.

Wet batteries need regular topping up with demin water.  If you don't check them and they get low, this will again damage them and affect performance.

Download our Free Guide to topping up Wet Batteries

Make sure you know if your batteries are Wets or Gels (Wets will have screw caps on the top, Gels will be completely sealed.)


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