Whats wrong with these Trigger Spray Bottles?

by Ken Buckley on 02-6-2017

Unlabeled Triggers.jpg

You've  probably guessed it, they've got no labels! 

 It always amazes me how many bottles you come across that have a strong chemical inside, but no label warning users of it's contents. 

"Oh yes, but I know whats inside it" or "No one uses this apart from me" being the staple answers to questions as to the lack of correct labeling.

So what? Is this such a big deal?

What if you had an accident involving the chemical, how would the hospital know how to treat you if they could not quickly see what type of chemical you were using?

Or what is you had a visit from HSE? What would they say about unmarked bottles containing chemicals? 

All your Trigger Spray Bottles must have a label clearly stating the product inside and any relevant health & safety information. 

The best way of achieving this is to use a chemical that has bottles with the details printed on the outside as the below picture.

Image of Printed Spray bottle.jpg 


The Problem with labels is they fall off and this is often why bottles don't have labels.

So choose a good chemical system, that has printed spray bottles available and some sort of dosing control and support material, like dosing charts. 



The Easy Dose system is such a system with Screen Printed bottle and a range of standard and bespoke dosing charts. It also has the built-in dosing control and is a super-concentrate, giving x 100 Triggers from 1 x 1 litre containers. 


Have you seen our free online COSHH training? If not, see link below. 


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