Why Use A Scrubber Dryer?

by Matt Besley on 10-3-2017

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Scrubber dryers make floor cleaning a breeze.  At least that is if you have chosen the right machine for the job.  

They automate floor cleaning, great for large areas.  But the machines have also shrunk in size recently too, so you can automate almost any floor cleaning task.

Improve Cleaning Standards


It goes without saying that a scrubbing machine will be more effective than mopping. You can often go over a freshly-mopped floor and the water will come off looking like chocolate!  This has probably nothing to do with the performance of your cleaners, it is a normal result of putting a machine on the floor for the first time.

Why are they more effective?  

 Scrubber dryers put the solution onto the floor, scrub then collect all in one pass.  This means the dirty solution is collected off the floor, which most mop systems wont do.  Leaving the floor dryer means that slips and trips are less likely and they are also much more hygienic as they extract so much more of the liquid from the floor.


Save Time


One of the most obvious benefits of putting in a scrubber dryer is that generally it is much quicker than mopping.  This means that you can clean more regularly and improve standards.  Machines like the Fimap iMx have a run time of around 4 hours now, which means you can do a massive area in one go.  

Saving time on floor cleaning can allow you to cut staff hours on a contract, or allocate more time in other areas if necessary.

Also dont underestimate the cost of your mopping consumables over time


Investments Saves Contracts


If you are a cleaning contractor, investing in a scrubber dryer can seem a bit counter-intuitive where you are trying to maximise profit on a contract.  Remember people wont remember if you were the cheapest contractor, if halfway through the contract all they can think about is the cleaning standards have gone downhill.  

Think carefully about the investment for your equipment before you tender a contract and if necessary ask an expert to do a site audit with you to get advice.  Why not use innovative technologies for making the deep cleaning more regular, or uplifting the image which will make you stand out more than just being the cheapest price.


Price Versus Cost


You may look at a scrubber dryer, scoff at the price and go back to using your mop.  Sure, sometimes a mop is the best option, but for large spaces such as your hallway or corridor areas you need to seriously consider automating.

Lets do some calculations:  Say you have a cleaner on minimum wage @ £7.50 an hour.  Then say that for 365 days a year this will save them an hour a day.  That's £2730.  Yes there is an intial investment, but this can be offset by savings over the period of say a 3 year cleaning contract.  

Also check providors of credit or lease your equipment, you dont pay your cleaners up front for 3 years work, why pay for your machine up front?  Spread the cost to make it easier to budget into your cleaning contract.


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